Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Breaking News: New Bruce Single Debuting 1/19

We're incredibly excited to bring you breaking news that Bruce's new single entitled "We Take Care of Our Own" is scheduled for digital download via Amazon tomorrow.

There are a lot of rumors flying around regarding the new album. Rolling Stone is reporting the E Street Band will be involved with possible guest work by Rage Against the Machine alum Tom Morello (and "Ghost of Tom Joad" cohort) and former Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain. Other sites are cautioning that the cover art for the single does not mention E Street Band however.

Meanwhile, Consequence of Sound is reporting the album will be called Wrecking Ball based on information available on iTunes UK. They've posted a rumored track list too. While this isn't verified, the titles sure do sound like Bruce songs:

01. We Take Care of Our Own
02. Easy Money
03. Shackled and Down
04. Jack of All Trades
05. Death to My Hometown
06. The Depression
07. Wrecking Ball
08. You’ve Got It
09. Rocky Ground
10. Land of Hope and Dreams
11. We Are Live
12. Swallowed Up (iTunes Bonus Track)
13. American Land (iTunes Bonus Track)

Along with the entire Bruce community, we'll be waiting with baited breath to hear the new single tomorrow morning. The possible album title does strike a bit of concern as the version of Wrecking Ball that Bruce played in tribute to Giants Stadium in 2009 felt very incomplete, but we can assume he's had time to tighten up the lyrics and refine the sound in the recording studio. Regardless, this is amazing news and an exciting start to 2012 for Bruce fans everywhere.

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