Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Brief History of Bruce (Steve)

In this series of posts, we will give you some background on how your three lovely bloggers became Springsteen fans. Second up, Steve:

My Bruce Springsteen indoctrination was a three-stage process dating back to 1995 when I received Bruce’s Greatest Hits album as a Christmas stocking stuffer (purchased by my Mother at the checkout aisle at Pathmark). I had an instant affection for Born in the USA but as an eleven-year-old brainwashed by grunge and heavy metal on the radio, I found Bruce’s music too soft to fully get me behind the entire album.

My interest remained limited until 2002 when The Rising was top of the charts and a live performance music video of The Rising gave me a sample of Bruce’s enthralling entertainer skills. But it was Lonesome Day’s music video, with its elegiac imagery and hopeful lyrics mixed with melancholy that compelled to receive my second Bruce album, once again in the form of a Christmas present.

The final stage of complete immersion came in 2004 during my sophomore year at college. I finally had access to a high-speed Internet connection, considerable CPU storage space and an unregulated network to do all the illegal music downloading I wanted. With such freedoms I was able to explore Bruce’s entire body of work, devouring everything from Tunnel of Love to an alternate version of the then unreleased Spanish Eyes to a live version of Downbound Train from 1985.

I’ve spent the past seven years obsessing over his music and feel like I still discover another amazing song every week. But through it all, The Rising is – and always will be – the album that defines my relationship.

Steve's Stats
Favorite song: Rosalita
Favorite album: The Rising
Number of Concerts attended:4
Least favorite song: Part Man, Part Monkey

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