Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Takes - We Take Care of Our Own

OB's Take:

Upon first listen to Bruce's new track I have to admit I wasn't terribly impressed. But the more I listened to it the more I enjoyed it. Hours later I found myself singing it to myself. The poignant lyrics, catchy chorus, all set to a pure E Street sound makes for a damn good song. In fact after listening to it all day I have to say I enjoy it more than a majority of the songs on Working On A Dream.

As with most Bruce songs, the most noticeable part of this song is the lyrics. In this song Springsteen sings about the frustration he feels with our Government and the fact that the people feel that they need to take matters into their own hands. I couldn’t help but think a few times while listening to the song that if it had come out a few months earlier this would have been the perfect anthem for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

As for the new album, I’m very excited. I was really surprised to see that “Wrecking Ball”, “Land of Hope & Dreams” as well as “American Land” are getting studio treatment. Those have always been songs I enjoyed live and I’m sure will sound great after Bruce has had the chance to polish them up and make them sound their best. I am anxiously awaiting March 6th, but even more so waiting for Bruce to announce some US tour dates!

Rory’s Take:

When I had heard that this would be Bruce's angriest album yet, I was expecting something more somber and dark like Devils & Dust or Nebraska. This, along with tracks like "Wrecking Ball", "Land of Hopes and Dreams", and "American Land", give me the sense that the rest of the songs will be solid stadium anthems. The three previous songs have been fantastic to see live, and I believe "We Take Care of Our Own" will also follow suit. The song is simplistic, and the lyrics don't create as vivid of a picture as I'm usually accustomed to getting from Bruce, however the message is clear. This album will be thematically more like The Rising or Magic - we're in hard times, but togetherness will get us through.

Steve's Take:

I'm immediately drawn to the melody and the energy of this song. It's firmly arena rock and the lyrics are surface deep, but that's not a bad thing. It takes a talent like Bruce to make such an unabashedly anthemic song that can be cheered in unison by people from all nationalities, races, classes and genders. I can't wait to sing along with thousands of others at the concert.

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