Sunday, January 29, 2012

Troubles with Ticketmaster

Bruce fans across the nation were left muttering expletives and trying in vain to overcome Ticketmaster’s technical issues on Friday morning as error messages and erroneous wait times dominated computer screens. My personal plight involved scoring two General Admission tickets to the first night at the Izod Center only to receive a “could not process this request” message during payment. When I tried to purchase them again, I received the much-maligned “15 minute wait” message. reports that the woes were due in part to hackers looking to jack up scalping prices with lightning fast posts to other purchasing sites. also has a good take on the situation including an inspired tweet from a frustrated fan (is a Ticketmaster “15 min wait” screen a lie if it don’t come true / or is it something worse #springsteen).

Your three Legends of Springsteen webmasters were all lucky enough to get tickets in the end thanks to the LiveNation app for iPhone (a must have for all future Ticketmaster purchases). Between the three of us we’ll be attending both Izod nights, at least one MSG night and the North America-leg closing night at the Prudential Center.

We hope you were able to weather the Ticketmaster fiasco successfully and get the seats you wanted. Commiserate in the comments section with any horror stories and also let us know what shows you will be attending!

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