Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bruce Springsteen Kicks Off the Grammys, E Street Style

Legends of Springsteen is proud to present a guest post on Bruce's performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards from Jess, friend of the blog and fellow Springsteen fanatic.

In general, I don't get overly excited about award shows, but when it was announced on February 2 that the E Street Band was added to the 2012 Grammys roster, I knew for sure I would be tuning in. Even better that they would be the opening act! And I have to say that each time I hear “We Take Care of Our Own,” it grows on me a little more.

Not only was The Boss the perfect way to open the show, he also surprised everyone by joining Paul McCartney for a guitar shred-athon. Paul belted out a medley of tunes from Abbey Road, including a blend of 'Golden Slumbers' and 'Carry That Weight' from behind a piano before jumping up and moving to guitar for 'The End,' when he was joined by Dave Grohl, Bruce Springsteen and Joe Walsh of the Eagles for an unexpected but fitting end to the awards show. If you turned off the show before this ending, please watch it here now!

But what’s even more exciting for E Street fans is what is yet to come. March 6th Wrecking Ball is released, and the tour kicks off March 18th in Atlanta. The Grammys performance was just enough of a “tease” to hold me over for the next couple months! I think Bruce said it best last night as he opened the show, “America, are you alive out there?” Yes, Bruce. We are. And we’re listening.

Want more inside scoop on E Street’s Grammys appearance? Check out Maureen Van Zandt’s Twitter handle, @MVZaGoGo.

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