Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quick Take - Easy Money

With Bruce releasing his new songs at a fast and furious pace, it will be difficult to digest them all.  And, furthermore, my thoughts and feelings about many songs change over time, as new experiences in my life will cause me to see art in a new context.  However, upon my initial digestion of "Easy Money", I'm very overwhelmed by its similarities to my all-time favorite Springsteen song, "Atlantic City".  
The characters are all back again.  The narrator, searching for a way out of a difficult situation, is going to the "shore" to settle the score.  He even requests his girlfriend to fix herself up for this affair.  However, "Atlantic City"'s tone is flecked with despair and sadness, whereas "Easy Money" takes a hopeful, marching beat.  While in "AC", the narrator comes to grips with the mistakes he's made, in "EM" the narrator is pissed and ready to get what is his.  The vengeful nature of the lyrics and optimistic tone of the music, with its whoops and na-nas, creates an unsettling image with me.  I feel like nothing there is nothing easy on the road ahead for the characters in this song. 

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