Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quick Take - Wrecking Ball

Unlike many, I wasn’t bowled over (sorry) when I heard “Wrecking Ball” first performed on September 30, 2009 (although I am appreciative I was there to witness its debut).

To me, “Wrecking Ball” sounds overly repetitive and yet all over the place. The upbeat rootin’ tootin’ barn burnin’ instrumental sections feel dissonant to the lyrics in the surrounding verses. I can accept the music as a symbol of standing strong in the face of adversity but there’s something about it all that doesn’t mesh together for me. It feels hurried and discordant.

The album version does a slightly better job of tying things together and deserves credit for making the song simultaneously about a moment in time (razing Giants stadium) and a rally call to defense (fitting in with the album’s overall themes).

I’m still not completely sold on the song, but this is definitely an improvement.

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