Monday, February 13, 2012

Springsteen Video of the Week - Can't Help Falling In Love

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  As prolific a songwriter as Bruce Springsteen is, he actually doesn't have many love songs.  Scratch that, he doesn't have many happy love songs.  Sure, there are a few, and some of them are great, but this week I decided to go with Bruce's cover of what I consider to be the most romantic song ever written.  Bruce decided to go with a more synthesized, almost reggae-like, sound.  This was recorded on the tour to support the Tunnel of Love album.  Bruce was definitely using a more synthesized sound at this point in his career, as was the style of the 1980s.  Springsteen still covers this song fairly regularly, but not in this style.  I wish he would do it in this style, as I really do love this cover.

The late 1980s was a tough time for Bruce.  His first marriage was ending, he was starting a relationship with Patti Scialfa (must to the disapproval of the rest of the band), and he was getting ready to break out on his own, away from the rest of the E Street Band.  Tunnel of Love contains some of his most heartbreaking material.  Songs like "2 Faces", "Brilliant Disguise", and (ironically enough) "Valentine's Day" tell tales of deception, loss, and heartbreak.  However, even with all that in his writing, he still saw the positive in his live, and, on this night in Germany, went out and played this song of faithfulness, devotion, and, above all else, love. So grab that special someone, hold them close, and enjoy our pick of hte week.  And, if you're single, like your beloved writer, just enjoy the damn song.

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