Friday, March 23, 2012

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Lights Up E Street Radio

Storytelling.  It is the essence of Springsteen's appeal.  His songs create vivid characters in dire circumstances and emotional states.  The hallmark of his live performances are his personal stories, which range from absurd, humorous tales to genuinely poignant moments between his parents and himself.  His stories span generations and have earned him a legion of fans across the globe.

But then, there are other stories.  There are stories so mundane and perplexing that you have no idea why the person is talking to you.  However, it is the enigmatic nature of these tales that draws you in, as you are wondering if the storyteller has a point, or is just a rambling lunatic.  These are the stories Chris "Mad Dog" Russo provided when he hosted E Street Radio earlier this month.

Have you often found yourself wondering how Spencer Tracy relates to "Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street"?  Or perhaps you'd be interested to know how a story about the Phillies winning the pennant is an introduction to the song "Wreck On The Highway".  Russo's introductions take many twists and turns, and create many laughs and groans along the way.  I would highly recommend taking nine minutes to listen to the video above, and enjoy hearing how he makes connections from the ordinary things in his life to his favorite Springsteen songs.

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