Friday, April 20, 2012

Lost Songs- "Lonely Night In The Park"

As I said when I did an entry on "Unsatisfied Heart" I pointed out the incredible fact that not only has Bruce released 17 studio albums, plus an additional 6 discs of unreleased material (4 discs on Tracks and 2 more on The Promise), countless B-Sides (remember those!?!?) , but there’s still songs that haven’t been released yet!  Incredible. This is a song that was left over from Born To Run and not only didn’t get put onto a later album, it didn’t even get put on the albums specifically made for leftover songs.  If not for YouTube, I probably would never even know this song exists.

This is a pretty catchy song that probably won’t knock your socks off at first, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming “lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely night”  later today.  I can’t say it’s so good that there’s any song on Born To Run should have been bumped for it, but I certainly would have like to have seen it on Tracks, and this song would definitely be welcomed to hear at a concert, but that seems incredibly unlikely.  Looks like this song will just be relegated to Legends Of Springsteen Lost Songs.

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