Monday, April 30, 2012

Springsteen Video of the Week - Gaslight Anthem's "Backstreets"

Back in 2009, released a series of videos called "Hanging Out On E Street".  The series contained a variety of lesser known artists discussing Bruce and covering his classics.  Unfortunately, the page was  taken down when they redesigned Bruce's site, but just type in "Hanging Out On E Street" into Youtube and you'll see a variety of fantastic videos.

The above video was my personal favorite, and it made me interested in seeking out more of Gaslight Anthem's music.  Gaslight Athem's popularity has steadily increased since 2008, and I think we can all credit Bruce's endorsement of them as the main reason (What other reason could there be?  Their catchy tunes? Hogwash.) The lesson for any musician is this: Bruce is a kingmaker.  You get in good with him, and you are set for life.

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