Friday, April 6, 2012

Top Ten Springsteen Road Trip Songs

Legends of Springsteen is excited to present a guest post from Mark Dowling, Springsteen fanatic and New York City-based improv performer and sketch writer.

Here’s a list of songs that are essential to any road trip playlist. They are broken up into two categories: Day Time and Night Time. The Day Time songs are the ones that you’re more likely to sing along with and get stares while stopped at a red light. The Night Time songs are the ones you kind of hum while your girlfriend sleeps in the passenger’s seat. It’s hard to pick just ten songs, which is why I cheat a little bit and double up.

Here’s the list!

Day Time

These are the songs that make you want to drive on a long stretch of highway on a sunny day with the windows rolled down and your sunglasses on.

1.Rosalita (The Wild, the Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle)
2.Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (Born to Run)
3.The Promised Land (Darkness On the Edge of Town)
4.Pink Cadillac (Tracks)
5.Waitin’ On a Sunny Day / Lonesome Day (The Rising)

Also worth mentioning: “Darlington County” and "The E Street Shuffle."

Night Time

These are the songs you listen to on the long drive back. You’re on a dark empty road and all you have to guide you are your headlights.
1.Thunder Road / Backstreets (Born to Run)
2.I’m On Fire (Born in the U.S.A.)
3.The River (The River)
4.Streets of Philadelphia (Philadelphia Soundtrack)
5.Racing In the Street (Darkness On the Edge of Town)

“Jungleland” is a great song (am I going against the grain?) but it’s an obvious choice. I almost included “Secret Garden” but couldn’t find a place for it.

To make sure all of these where accurate choices, I tested each one of them out behind the wheel of my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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