Monday, April 23, 2012

Video of the Week- Metallica talks Springsteen

As I stated in my introductory post about history of being a Bruce fan, in addition to being a Springsteen fanatic, I love hard rock/heavy metal music too. One of my favorite bands is Metallica, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the title to this YouTube video.

I was hoping it might be a cover of a Springsteen song. Instead it is an interview with Metallica frontman James Hetfield. Hetfield disappoints me by saying that he isn't a Bruce fan but then gives one of the most honest and sincere compliments to the Boss that I have heard.

In less than a minute Hetfield perfectly summed up why I am such a big fan of Springsteen. Metallica is known for also having a strong connection to their fans and building their reputation for their incredible live shows, much like Bruce was able to in the mid 70's. Even though Hetfield says he isn't a huge Bruce fan he definitely shows Bruce the proper respect. And I can definitely say that Hetfield was 100% right when he said that Bruce can go on forever. Having just seen Bruce twice in the past month, have tickets to see him next week and again in September, I can personally testify that Bruce still "feels it". He can go on forever. Amen to that.

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