Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's Missing from the Wrecking Ball Setlists?

We’re technically a month into the Wrecking Ball tour and Bruce has been sticking very closely to the Wrecking Ball album track list. Only two songs have yet to make an appearance on the tour: “This Depression” and “You’ve Got It.”

I don’t think anyone would argue that either is a standout track that is sorely missed from the concerts, but both have their fans. Personally, I find “This Depression” to be a sweet song, if a minor one in the context of the entire album. And I’ve grown appreciation for “You’ve Got It” after reading a few reviews that accentuate the strength of its straightforward love song qualities.

It will be interesting to see if either song appears during the tour or if Bruce has immediately discarded them from his live catalogue. Are there any fans out there clamoring for either one to be played live?

Here at the blog, we’re all very excited for our first Wrecking Ball show tonight and Bruce’s New Jersey homecoming at the Izod center. For those who haven’t been able to make it to a concert yet, Blogness on the Edge of Town offers an amazing collection of videos from the tour.

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