Friday, May 25, 2012

"Peg O' My Heart" featuring Bruce Springsteen!

I guess technically this should be a video of the week, but I don’t care.  Bruce is definitely a fan of punk rock.  His cover of "London Calling", his playing with The Gaslight Anthem, and times he’s invited The Dropkick Murphy’s to play along with him.  However, one thing Bruce had not done before is appeared on a punk album.  That was until last year, when The Dropkick Murphy’s released Going Out In Style.  That album featured a punk cover of the traditional Irish ballad "Peg O' My Heart" featuring none other than Mr. Bruce Springsteen!

I've always enjoyed The Dropkick Murphy’s and I know they are big fans of Bruce Springsteen.  Their covers of “Badlands” and “Born In The USA” are some of my favorite covers of Bruce songs.  When Bruce invited them to play some of his songs on stage with them I thought it was really cool of Bruce to sort of give them “the rub.”  But I never thought Bruce would appear on one of their albums.  It almost seemed beneath him, to appear with a band that wasn’t anywhere near his level.  The Dropkick Murphy’s are hardly a “no-name” band, their appearance on the soundtrack to the 2006 film The Departed gave them huge exposure.  But when they go out and tour, they play concert halls, ballrooms,  and clubs.  Bruce plays major sports arenas and stadiums.  But after all these years I should know better than to doubt Bruce.

Anyways, this is a great performance of a great song off a great album featuring a great band and a great cameo by Bruce.  In other words, it’s great.  So enjoy!

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