Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Springsteen Lyrics of the Week - The Wish

“This one's for you, ma, let me come right out and say it
It's overdue, but, if you're looking for a sad song, well I ain't gonna play it!”
- “The Wish”, Tracks

It just boggles my mind that “The Wish” was left off Tunnel Of Love and not put on any other album until the release of Tracks.  This is Bruce at his most heartfelt.  Seeing that Mother’s Day is this weekend, I thought it was a good choice for this week’s lyrics selection.  But this song is also a great Christmas song too.   Ah, the many uses of Bruce.

As Bruce said in the intro in the video above, it’s a bit risky for rockers to sing about their mother.  It’s acceptable in other genres, but just not something you see often in rock & roll.  The only other song I can think of that comes close is  “Simple Kind Of Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I know there are a few other songs by heavier rockers that they say were inspired by the death of their mother.  And that’s kind of a depressing.  But what I think I like most about this song, and perfectly exemplified by these lyrics specifically, is that Bruce celebrates his mother.  And isn’t that what Mother’s day is all about?  He’s brought her up on stage to dance, as Rory showed in Monday’s video, and whenever he mentions her it’s always in a positive manner.  He’s not waiting for her to pass away to pay tribute, or lamenting her aging, instead he’s just showing his appreciation for all she’s done for him. Way to go Bruce!

So, if you’re lucky enough to have your mother around this weekend make sure you show her how much appreciate her.  I can assure you myself and the other staffers here at LOS will be doing just that.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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