Monday, May 21, 2012

Springsteen Video of the Week - Glory Days on David Letterman

Continuing the theme from last week, we see Bruce here in his early 90s "Who am I?" period.  Unlike last week, where he performed one of his new hits, this time we see him go back to one of his classics on the last episode of Late Night with David Letterman.  However, it feels like Bruce is performing with a Springsteen tribute band.  The strangers sharing the microphone with Bruce seem like fans pulled from the audience, both overly excited to be there and not quite in sync with Springsteen.  Paul Schaffer's keyboards make the song sound like something you'd hear on an organ played over the loudspeakers at a baseball game.  However, his banter with Paul and subsequent jumping on the piano are both fantastic - it feels like Bruce knew something was off so he improvised, adding some much needed flair to the performance.

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  1. My favorite part is the way Bruce keeps lifting his leg in the air like he's doing yoga