Monday, June 11, 2012

Springsteen Video of the Week - Light of Day Charity

Legends of Springsteen has been in business for just over five months now, and this is our 100th post.  On that note, on behalf of the other two editors, I'd like to thank our readers, especially those who contributed guest posts.  I have to say, some weeks are tougher than others in finding new content.  We are mere fans, doing this as a hobby.  Our time and resources are limited, and there are times where it has been tough to find a new post-worthy video each week.  However, every once in a while, I'll stumble across something on the internet that will surprise and inspire me to keep going at this labor of love.

The above video is from earlier this year, as Bruce is performing "Thunder Road" with Bob Benjamin.  I had no idea who Bob Benjamin was, or the context of this video (the Youtube description was very sparse, as well).  So, after a quick trip to Google, I found the Light of Day foundation.  This foundation supports research to cure Parkinson's disease, has been around for eleven years, and has had strong support from Springsteen the whole time (while he didn't start the charity, it was named after his song).

Now, this charity may be well known by many Springsteen fans already.  But, to borrow a line from NBC's mid-90s summer reruns, I haven't seen it, so it is new to me.  If you'd like to donate, you can click here.  I usually like to do research on any charity I donate to, but a Springsteen-endorsement is good enough for me.  I mean, who hasn't given to the food bank of your local city by now?  Plus, this website has pictures of Michael J. Fox rocking out with the Boss.  How cool is that?

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