Monday, June 4, 2012

Springsteen Video of the Week - The Wrester

"The Wrestler", Working On A Dream

I would hardly call myself a movie expert.  In fact, I don’t even know most award winning films exist until The Academy Awards.  And even then I don’t see 90% of them.  No I’m no film-buff, that’s Steve’s territory, however I do have expertise in another area: Pro-Wrestling.

Yes, at 27 years of age, I can admit I still watch the occasional pro-wrestling match.  It’s not nearly like when I was a kid and felt like my life was over if I missed 1 minute of it.  It was even worse than I am today with Bruce Springsteen.  I watched it on TV, I read about it, and would attend as many live matches as I possibly could.  And a number of times, I saw some of my old childhood-heroes, that could barely walk and had myriad health problems, come out and wrestle.  I’m no film-expert, but I can easily say that Mickey Rourke’s performance in The Wrestler, is one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen in one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  And that’s thanks in no small part to music, of none other than Mr. Bruce Springsteen.  Bruce’s song, captures Rourke’s character, and in essence the entire pro-wrestling industry, in one simple, sad, but incredibly satisfying song.  Originally just released for the movie, it later found a home as an iTunes exclusive deluxe version of Working On A Dream.

I know Bruce has won The Academy Award for his song “Streets of Philadelphia” for the movie Philadelphia, but the fact that he didn’t win it for “The Wrestler” is just criminal.  However, Bruce does get recognition from this fine blog, and isn’t that much more satisfying than an Oscar?

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