Friday, July 13, 2012

Roy Nelson: Born In The USA

It may come as shock to know that we actually do have hobbies outside of Bruce Springsteen.  I swear.  Not many, but hey at least we have some variety.  One of those hobbies for me is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC.

I am a huge fan of almost every sport, and have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone who can compete at the top level of their respected sport.  But UFC fighters take it that extra mile.  Some people have called it barbaric, but I doubt those people have ever watched an actual match.  To watch 2 fighters trade strikes, look for takedowns and basically play mental chess with one another is truly an art.  These are, in my opinion, the best athletes in the world.  They're conditioning, both mental and physical, is second to none.

...And then there's Roy Nelson.  Remember all those things I just said about them being superior athletes and in phenomenal condition?  Yeah, that doesn't apply to Roy "Big Country" Nelson.  Standing at 6 foot tall, and 254 lbs (and at least 20 of the lbs comes from his beard and mullet alone), Roy Nelson does not have any style or fineness.  He simply fights.  He's taken some of the worst beatings the UFC has ever seen, and also dished them out.

So why am I writing about Roy Nelson?  Because Roy Nelson's entrance song is none other than "Born In The USA".  It really might be the most fitting entrance music I've ever heard.  Even though the song is anti-war, government-questioning song lyrically, most people just know it for its thematic intro, and anthem chorus.  And that's basically what Roy Nelson is.  No fuss, no frills, just a "Born In The USA" fighter, who's ready to kick some ass.  Is he the best fighter out there?  Absolutely not.  Does he always put on a great show?  Hell yes.


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