Monday, July 16, 2012

Springsteen Video of the Week - The Rising at MTV's Video Music Awards

As mentioned a couple weeks ago on this blog, this video received much replay on MTV back in the days when they still dedicated some time to play music videos.  Well, a little bit of time.  OK, let's face it, they haven't played music videos for most of the last decade.  I don't recall seeing the video that much, but I do remember seeing this performance live before the start of the 2002 VMAs.  Unfortunately, Bruce's performance ended up being overshadowed by such notable brouhahas as Triump the Insult Comic Dog getting into an altercation with Eminiem and the "return" of Guns 'N Roses.  While Jimmy Fallon on MTV asking viewers to put a tape in their VCRs screams 2002, Bruce's performance remains timeless.  

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