Friday, August 24, 2012

OB's Top 5 songs "I've never heard at a concert, but really want to!"

What can I say?  I enjoy a good list.  So even though I've seen Bruce a dozen times before (and gotten to see some rare "once in a lifetime" performances like "The Weight" and "Jailhouse Rock") there are plenty of songs I haven't gotten to that I am really hoping he plays either of the next two times I see him (September 7th at Wrigley Field and September 22nd at Metlife Stadium).

Honorable Mention goes to "The Wrestler" and "Leap Of Faith".  I would love to hear either one of them, but they both just barely missed the cut.

5.  "Ain't Good Enough For You"-  Just in general, I'd like The Promise  to get some more love at live shows.  But in particular this toe tapper would be awesome to hear live!  It's upbeat, got some heartbreaking lyrics which are completely contradicted by some rockabilly-style piano and E Street harmony, and is one of my favorite songs from The Promise.  I can't see Bruce putting this into a setlist, so my best hope is for Bruce to pull a sign requesting this.

4.  "Two Faces"-  Like The Promise, I'm dying to see some more songs from Tunnel Of Love played!  I realize both albums were written when Bruce was going through some issues, and they might just be too personal to play live.  Tunnel Of Love, has so many under-rated songs that'd be great to hear live, but this soul searching ballad tops the list for me.  Like previously mentioned, this one probably won't get played outside of a sign request.  But hey I can still hope, right?

3.  "The River"- This one particularly hurts.  It was a big hit for Bruce and he plays it semi-regularly on tours. I just never seem to be in the right place, at the right time to hear this live.  Fortunately since it was such a big song for Bruce, there's always the possibility Bruce could add it to a setlist, and due to it popularity with the fans, it's also likely there could be a sign for this.  This song is the one I think I have the best chance of hearing, so I'll be keep my fingers crossed.

2.  "The Promise"- I told you I wanted to this album get some more appreciation!  "The Promise" I think is Bruce's best song lyrically.  It's my favorite song off the album of the same name, and probably even one of my top 5 Bruce songs altogether.  It's rare, but not unheard of, for Bruce to put this on a setlist, and I'm sure there will be plenty of signs for it as well.  No matter what else he played that night, I can say with almost certainty this song would be the highlight of the night.

1.  "Incident on 57th Street"- Duh, it's my favorite song.  Of course this one tops the list.  Like "The River", Bruce plays this one somewhat often, but I just haven't been lucky enough to be at any of those shows.  It's always a crowd favorite, and would make this particular blogger very happy!

The coolest thing about this list, is that Bruce has played all of these songs live before.  There's always a chance he could play one, or even all five, on any given night.  It's that sort of variety and appreciation of his fans to not give them any two shows that are alike, that has made Bruce the beloved performer he is today.  And who am I kidding, if he just played "Born to Run" and "Badlands" all night, I'd be happy with that too!  What do you guys say?  What songs would you want to hear live that you've never heard before?  

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