Monday, August 6, 2012

Springsteen Video of the Week: Better Man

In 2004 many big names in music came together for the "Vote for Change" tour.  Although officially non-partisan, nearly every performer encouraged concert goers to vote for Democratic candidate John Kerry, instead of the Republican incumbent George W. Bush.  The shows were held in swing states, and even though they drew big crowds and raised money, the tour's effect on the election was negligible.  None of the states that featured shows on the tour went differently than predicted in pre-election polls.   But hey at least we got some great music out of it.

Case in point, Bruce Springsteen performing with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder.  Vedder is a huge Springsteen fan, and has covered him numerous times in the past.  And although Eddie and Bruce did jam along to some E Street classics, Bruce paid respect to Pearl Jam when they played this song.  It's kinda hard not to laugh at Bruce at this performance as he clearly doesn't know the song that well and sings it like a bad karaoke song. But oh well, it's fun anyways.  Enjoy!

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