Monday, September 24, 2012

Springsteen Video Of The Week: Jole Blon

Like Steve said, Saturday's show at MetLife Stadium was nothing short of stellar.  Truly a "something for everyone" type show.  Unfortunately at one point during the show I wasn't feeling too hot and went to the back to get a bottle of water and escape the madness of the floor.  Even more unfortunate was that I missed this great song.  I shouldn't say "missed", as I was able to hear the song perfectly, but couldn't see it.

Gary U.S. Bonds is someone that I am becoming a huge fan of the more I listen to him.  Especially his 80s material where he collaborates with Springsteen and you can really see how they mutually benefited from this relationship.  Bonds' hit "Quarter To Three" was a staple of the Born To Run Tour and is still a favorite when Bruce plays it now.  And Bonds was able to enjoy a resurgence in popularity when he started working with Bruce.

"Jole Blon" is an old traditional Cajun song that had been popular for decades when Bonds put it on his 1981 album Dedication.  Bruce also recorded his own version that was rumored to be put on The River but instead he decided not to release it and re-recorded it with Bonds for the aforementioned Dedication.  

Even though I didn't get to fully experience this song on the floor, I loved being able to hear it and this great video shows just how much the crowd was getting into it.  But perhaps the two people enjoying it the most are Bruce and Gary Bonds himself.  Two old friends, getting up on stage and singing a song they both love.  It doesn't matter if there are 55,000 or 5 people there.  They would've put the same amount of energy and soul into this.  Their fans know and love them for that very reason

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