Friday, October 26, 2012

Great Moments in Springsteen Television History - The Office, Crime Aid

In this classic episode of The Office, Michael Scott is holding an auction to try to raise money to replace the office equipment that had been stolen due to his negligence.  Many of the items in the auction are undesirable (save for a weekend in Martha's Vineyard and a hug from Phyllis), and Michael Scott has to come up with a gift that will be universally appealing to everyone in the office.  You need something that will appeal to a very diverse workplace - the staff runs the gamut from young and old, with different races, backgrounds, and even sexual orientations.  The choice of front row Springsteen tickets is perfect - it both fits the criteria and maintains the show's realistic setting.  Choosing a young "hot" musician or a musician who NBC is trying to promote (i.e. someone who would be performing on SNL that week) would distract from the reality created in the show and make the episode feel phony and dated.  But what really cements this as a great moment in Springsteen television history is Michael Scott's knowledge of Bruce's song catalog.  It was partially the inspiration behind the Bruce rip-off article I wrote, although rewatching that clip, I now regret not putting Tracy Chapman and Randy Newman on that list.  

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