Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Springsteen Lyrics of the Week - A Night with the Jersey Devil

"16 witches, cast 16 spells
Make me guitar outta skin and human skull
Sing you a song like the wind in the sandy loam
Bring you baby out'cha your happy home"
- A Night with the Jersey Devil, Working On A Dream

As mentioned in the inception of this blog, this is my least favorite Springsteen song.  In fact, the Working album has yet to worm its way into my heart in the slightest.  With Halloween around the corner, I decided to play this song for the first time since it earned the illustrious title of "Least Favorite Springsteen Song".  As it turns out, I remembered it better than I thought I would.  An unoriginal jazz riff, corny "spooky" sounds, and an awful vocal effect that makes the already difficult to understand Springsteen even more unintelligible all combine to make the song almost impossible to listen to.  I had to look up the lyrics, which, surprisingly, told a violent and grim story, up until the part spotlighted above.  At this point, the haunting Jersey Devil becomes a dangerous....rock star?  Springsteen's bread-and-butter has been writing about the tales of the blue collar heroes, but he should leave the Halloween tunes in the more capable hands of the great Bobby Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers.

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