Friday, November 23, 2012

Great Moments in Springsteen Cinema History - Back To School

There's an old saying in the movie industry that goes: "Every ticket you buy for a movie is a vote for 10 more movies exactly like that."  The smash hit Animal House inspired a decade of madcap college comedies, while Caddyshack's success made stars of its diverse cast.  These two elements collided in the 1985 film Back To School, starring Rodney Dangerfield.

In an early scene in the movie, Mr. Dangerfield is battling long lines to sign up for classes.  As a rich entrepreneur, waiting in line among the juvenile masses just would not cut it.  So, he devises a scheme to thin the sea of humanity.  All of a sudden, we see the student body rush outside the building, converging on a limousine   The name on that limo?

This legendary Springsteen cinema moment is probably his most "topical" moment.  In 1985, his name would inspire the same type of frothing fandom that Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga would incite today.  

The film Back to School dares to explore the world of finances and academia, providing chuckles along the way and climaxing with a rousing diving competition.  The scenes of the blue-collar Dangerfield trying to pass a variety of tests got me thinking: how "smart" is Bruce Springsteen?  While we heap praise on him for his musical skills and storytelling ability, Bruce himself has never gone back to school.  He has chided his parents for saying it isn't too late to go back to college, and he claims he has learned more from a three-minute record than he ever learned in school.  And yet, I don't doubt that Bruce understands the importance of higher education, as all of his children have attended college.  While Bruce has been very successful without a college education, this blogger would be interested in seeing him take some classes.  I've been immensely satisfied knowing that there's a Dr. Shaquille O'Neal in the world, how great would it be if there was a Dr. Bruce Springsteen?

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