Friday, November 9, 2012

Great Moments in Springsteen Television History - Born To Run References

In this screenshot from the Futurama episode "Decision 3012", we see that the Jersey Turnpike swamped with some Springsteen-esque traffic.  While we've mentioned many iconic lines in our weekly lyrics post, this one has gone overlooked.  However, it is a favorite of many TV writers, as it has also been referenced in The Sopranos episode "Long Term Parking"

It's a quick throwaway line, but the joke has a meta layer, as Steven Van Zandt is sitting with his onscreen boss as his offscreen boss is referenced.

Unfortunately, my exhaustive researched has only unearthed these two references.  If you know any other "Born To Run" references that have made it onto the air, let me know in the comments.

EDIT (1/21/14): Another "Born To Run" TV moment happened last week on Jimmy Fallon!