Friday, November 30, 2012

Lost Song- "County Fair"

Another song where I simply shake my head and say "How has song not been released!?!?"  At least it's not a totally hidden song, as Bruce has played this rarity live in concert, albeit very few and far between.  This song was an unreleased track from Born In The USA,  which just might be my favorite time for Bruce songwriting (depending on what kind of mood I'm in).

I came across this song on E Street Radio, and the imagery in this song is fantastic.  By the time the chorus kicked in, I immediately had images of going to local carnivals as a kid and going to the NY State Fair with my grandparents.  There's not much I can say about this other then "just listen".  I'm really hoping that next year will see the release of something special for Born In The USA's 30th anniversary.  Between this song and "Unsatisfied Heart", this period of Bruce's songwriting really does deserve the recognition.

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  1. It was released in 2003 on The Essential. I think it was a limited edition CD 3.