Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Springsteen Lyrics of the Week - The River

“I got a job working construction for the Johnstown Company
But lately there ain't been much work on account of the economy”
- The River, The River

Having recently had the good fortune to hear “The River” performed live for the first time I’ve been listening to the song a lot lately. A favorite of mine, it’s been on steady rotation over the years. The song contains a wealth of rich lyrics and certain ones have stood out to me at different points in my life. With the latest election, I've been reminded of the winter of 2008 when I’d recently graduated from college and was having great difficulty finding a job during the economic downturn. I clung to these lyrics and turned to them for support through the process. Even though the song was released in 1980, its timeless quality reminded me that I wasn't the only one facing economic hardship. Four years later, the state of the economy is still a tough point for Americans. Hopefully the song continues to provide support for those in need.

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