Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Springsteen Lyrics of the Week - Streets of Philadelphia

“Ain’t no angel gonna greet me,
It’s just you and I, my friend”
- Streets of Philadelphia, Philadelphia (Soundtrack)

Despite being a movie buff, I’ve still never seen the movie Philadelphia. I’ve always intended to but just haven’t gotten around to it. Without having seen the movie, I always feel the above lyrics give me a vivid picture of the movie. Extrapolating what I know about the movies, it feels like the above lyrics evocate the bond between Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington’s characters – two people where professional circumstance leads into a bond of friendship that neither expected. If I ever get around to watching the movie I’ll find out if that’s true but for now I enjoy having my version.

These lyrics speak to the randomness of circumstance; divine power is eschewed for the common man standing next to you. What I love about this is the sense that we don’t always know who the friend we need the most is going to be.

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