Monday, November 5, 2012

Springsteen Video of the Week - Springsteen Stumping for Kerry, 2004

Politics - you can't avoid it now, even on your favorite Springsteen fanblog.  Last week, we looked at Springsteen's silly pro-Obama song.  There, in Ohio, Bruce seemed more candid and laid-back.  This week, we'll take you back eight years, where Springsteen is performing for John Kerry in Wisconsin.  In this fantastic performance, we are treated to an angry and passionate Bruce.  When Bruce has an axe to grind politically, we get Bruce's most creative content - just compare Working on a Dream to Wrecking Ball.  In fact, I'd say his albums written when Republicans are in office are on average better than his albums written when Democrats are in power.  In this video, his acoustic performance of "No Surrender" (written during the Reagan years) is absolutely breathtaking - the song makes for such a great political anthem that it is a shame it was wasted on the forgettable Kerry.

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