Friday, January 25, 2013

Lyrics Spotlight - Ain't Good Enough for You

If we go out, you say I'm such a bore
If we stay in, you say what are we living for
- Ain’t Good Enough for You, The Promise

These lyrics echo my internal monologue on many a Saturday night. I’ve always been one to agonize over the decision making process more than I should, even for silly things like whether to go out on the town or stay in and keep it low key on a weekend. Either way you lose according to the narrator in “Ain’t Good Enough for You.” But when I’m having trouble deciding which way to go on a Saturday night, I often think of these lyrics and remind myself it’s not all as doom and gloom as it is for the narrator in this song. As with many of Sprinsteen’s lyrics, the sadness of his characters reminds me to appreciate how fortunate I am with my lot in life. So this weekend, whether you go out or stay in, just live in the moment!

On a side note, by pure coincidence, this post appears exactly a year after the last time I did a lyrics spotlight on this song. Here's to 2014!

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