Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Video Spotlight - She's The One

Another one of the top 100 Bruce songs that we've yet to discuss, "She's The One" is a classic Springsteen song that often gets overlooked.  The main problem for this is the company it keeps.  The Born To Run album is so strong that "She's The One" doesn't crack the top five!  On nearly any other album, "She's The One" is strong enough to be a hit single.

The video above really encapsulates the pounding energy of this song.  Like "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", this song is much better seen live.  Also, in past articles, I've discussed the eras of Springsteen.  While late-70s Springsteen is still my favorite, the post-Rising Springsteen is a strong runner-up.  After about a decade off his game, Bruce's reunion with the E Street Band in 1999 and subsequent Rising album boosted his performance to a height seldom seen by aging rock stars.  The entire E Street Band here is firing on all cylinders, topped off by Clarence's magnificent sax solo.

So to sum up - great (and slightly overlooked) song, and an amazing live performance.  Enjoy your week, folks!

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