Friday, January 11, 2013

Why I Stopped Blogging by OB

So you may or may have not noticed that I didn't write much in the past few weeks on this blog.  Three posts in two months, to be specific.  Steve and Rory kept this blog going, and did a phenomenal job.  Kudos, guys.  Thank you.  

So why did I stop?   In short, I ran out of topics.  There's only so many ways I can say that Bruce is great.  He is, there's no two which ways about it.  But I got bored writing that over and over again.  This isn't Bruce's fault, he hit big in 1975 with Born To Run, 2 years after his debut release, and has been on top ever since.  Yeah, his popularity has dipped at times, but he's never really gone away.  He's taken some time off, he hasn't always been as popular as he is at his peaks, but he never was in the "Where Are They Now?" group.

And there's not really a story arc either.  He's never dealt with drug and alcohol issues, or had embarrassing PR problems.  He's just been on top of his game, immensely popular, and stayed out of the tabloids.  This hasn't made me any less of a fan, in fact it made me an even bigger one.  But I got bored writing over and over how much I loved Bruce.

So will I keep going?  Yeah, I will.  I thought about quitting the blog for awhile, but really what's to be gained?  So I hope you love Bruce as much as I do, because you're going to be hearing about how incredible he is.  Deal with it, you know he is.

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