Monday, February 4, 2013

Lyrics Spotlight - Point Blank

"It's one false move and baby the lights go out"
--Point Blank, The River

Last year at this time, I was able to write a glorious post-Super Bowl tribute to my beloved New York Giants.  This year we were treated to an entertaining, albeit frustrating, game.  I had no real dog in this fight, as the arbitrary reasons I had for rooting for the 49ers (NFC team, black quarterback, and hating Ray Lewis) were equaled out by my reasons for rooting for the Ravens (underdog, Rutgers' Ray Rice, and older brothers sticking together).  What most casual fans will take away from this game was the 34-minute blackout during the game.  

While frustrating at the time, I feel, in the long run, the blackout was a net gain for the Super Bowl.  First, it turned the momentum from Baltimore to San Francisco, as the game was getting out of hand.  Who wants to see a blow-out?  Secondly, it gave everyone in America an extra half-hour of drinking, which is a perfect addition to any party.  Finally, the most important aspect of the blackout is that it was a litmus test to see how strong your Super Bowl party was.  As someone at my party said, "Woah, it's already been 27 minutes?  You people are pretty entertaining!"  If you found yourself drinking, joking, and switching to the Puppy Bowl as you waited for the game to restart, congratulations!  You were at a great party!  However, if you found yourself falling asleep or pulling out your hair waiting for the game to restart, you may want to go to a different party next year.  

Finally, there were a lot of "blackout" lines in Bruce songs I could have chosen, including whole songs such as "Shut Out The Light" and "When The Lights Go Out".  However, I picked "Point Blank" to reflect the accuracy of my Super Bowl prediction.  Last year, I nailed the final score exactly, and this year I was the only Legends of Springsteener to pick the Ravens, and was off on the final score by just 3 points for each team.  Loyal readers, make sure to check back next February to see if I can keep my streak alive.

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