Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Video Spotlight - Darkness on the Edge of Town

Astute readers may remember this video from OB's acoustic Springsteen article from last year, but I felt like this video deserves another go-around in the video spotlight.  As OB noted before, it is an extremely passionate rendition in a performance where Bruce comes off as exhausted (the voice cracks are an excellent touch).  But, the reason I wanted to go back to this video was, because it introduces us to the most unusual character of Springsteen lore: 90s Bruce.

We all already know that it wasn't his best time, but I do prefer the solo acoustic 90s Bruce than the fake E Street Band 90s Bruce.  However, let's take a moment to honor the horrific fashion choices of 90s Bruce.  In other videos from this time period, you'll see Bruce with a questionable goatee, overly-elaborate leather jackets, Brett-Favre-approved Wrangler jeans, and....earrings.  This video is too early into 90s Bruce to see any of that, we do get a glimpse of a burgeoning mullet and an oversized shirt that must have been purchased at The Gap.  Never really known for his fashion, I think we are all very glad he has gone back to basics with the simple black-on-black-on-black look for the last decade.

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