Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Video Spotlight - Restless Nights

When reading Peter Ames Carlin's "Bruce" biography, I noted that I loved the input from the various E Street band members.  In particular, one quote from Little Steven inspired me to go back and re-watch the performance spotlighted today, taken from a 2009 concert in Buffalo that I was privileged to attend with fellow Legend of Springsteener OB.  In regards to Bruce's songwriting, he says, "It's this stuff that he completely ignores about himself that is, to me, his highest evolution.  It's easy to be personal.  It's easy to be original, believe it or not.  Pink Floyd is easy.  'Louie Louie' is hard.  Sgt. Pepper's - yeah, great.  But 'Gloria'?  Harder.  Give me those three chords and make 'em work?  That is the ultimate rock 'n' roll craft/art/inspiration/motivation.  That's the whole thing!"

While I don't completely agre with Van Zandt's perspective (Bruce even sheeplishly replies "That's my buddy, you know, he's very particular about the things he likes"), it is a fascinating tidbit of information.  While it is cited that "The Little Things (My Baby Does)" is Van Zandt's personal favorite song, "Restless Nights" easily falls into that classic pop three-chord genre that he loves.  Cut off from the end of this performance is Bruce barking out about how much fun performing the song was, and how Steven was absolutely right in saying they should play it more often.  Re-watching it now, over three years later, you'd have to completely agree.

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