Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lyrics Spotlight: "Streets of Fire"

"I'm wandering, a loser down these tracks
I'm dying, but girl I can't go back"
"Streets of Fire", Darkness On The Edge Of Town

"Streets of Fire" is one of those songs that I always enjoyed, but I never really put it towards the top of my list of favorite Springsteen songs.  I think a major reason is that I don't really know what a street of fire is, much less many of them.  But it's definitely a great song, with great lyrics, and is incredibly powerful when sung live, albeit a rarity.

The above lyrics in particular caught my eye (ear) when listening to this song recently.  Bruce is singing about his pride and his refusal to admit failure.  This isn't necessarily a positive trait, but it can be.  I have no doubt Bruce is talking about the struggle that was putting out Darkness (Brilliantly covered in the documentary "The Promise".)  I'm sure at times Bruce was wondering is it even worth all this effort to put out this album.  But rather than admit defeat, he kept moving forward and put out not just one of his best albums, but one of the best rock n' roll albums ever.

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