Friday, May 10, 2013

Video Spotlight- "Old Time Rock N' Roll"

In December of 2011 I got an email at work from a coworker asking if anyone wanted to buy his tickets to see Bob Seger that night at Madison Square Garden.  I texted my buddy Mike and asked him if wanted to go with me.  He said he would have if it wasn't a weekday, and money wasn't so tight.  Since I'm only a casual fan of Seger, I didn't particularly care and went about the rest of my day.  Later that night the following texts were exchanged between myself and Mike:

Mike: "My parents are at Seger tonight"
Me: Cool.
Mike: "Bruce is there too"
Me: Bruce???
Mike: The Boss.

Dammit!  That one hurt.  The next day I looked up Seger's setlist and sure enough saw Bruce came out to do "Old Time Rock N' Roll" with Seger.  At first I was kinda mad at Mike for talking me out of going, but quickly got over it, as there was no way of knowing Bruce would be there.  At least there is always YouTube to enjoy the Bruce that got away.

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