Friday, May 3, 2013

Video Spotlight - "Tumbling Dice" with the Rolling Stones

Continuing with the theme of "Bruce rocking out with legendary British musicians", here's our boy with the Rolling Stones in New Jersey, from last December.  As you can clearly see, Mick Jagger really can't get into the whole "share the microphone" move that Bruce is keen to do - he has to have his own mic with him at all times.  I'd be annoyed at this if it wasn't a classic Mick Jagger move.  Amusingly, Keith Richards doesn't seem to notice Bruce is on stage until Bruce comes up to him towards the end of the song.  Anyway, it isn't a great performance (it's been a while since the Rolling Stones have had one), so it'll have to settle for second place in the "Springsteen and Dice" category.  Sorry, but nothing is beating this one.

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