Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Video Spotlight: Robin Williams Stand Up

Ok, so maybe this isn't the best video to be spotlighting.  But here at LOS we take on the good, bad, and the ugly.  And man, is this ugly.  Let me just start off by saying I can't stand Robin Williams.  I think his stand up material is terrible and hack, see above video for evidence, and his only on screen performance that I thought was really good was in Good Will Hunting, and even there most of the credit goes to Matt Damon.  Again, these are just my opinion, as there is no denying that Williams is a major "A-Lister"

Now lets dissect the video.  One thing I can't stand in comedy is dual impressions.  And boy, do we have a doozy here.  Elmer Fudd singing Bruce Springsteen.  Har dee har har.  This stinks!  Why not just do some Elmer Fudd material, or Bruce material.  God knows they both have easily imitable voices.

The only really interesting thing about this video, besides the novelty value of it being so bad it's good, is the song choice.  Really, "Fire"?  Bruce never even put that out on a CD, until The Promise.  It was a major hit for The Pointer Sisters, but did most people know it was a Bruce song?  I legitimately do not know the answer.  I know Bruce fans knew it.  But that's hoping for a lot, that your audience at a comedy club are big Springsteen fans.

Anyway, it could be worse.  It could be Norm Macdonald singing the "Gilligan's Island" theme to the tune of "My Hometown".  I love Norm, but oof!  That stinks too.

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