Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Coming Soon: Springsteen & I

The other day I was at my local movie theater seeing Man of Steel and I was delighted to see the above poster hanging in the lobby. It brings me great excitement to see a poster for the feature-length documentary Springsteen & I hanging beside summer blockbusters in AMC theaters.

Springsteen & I is a crowd-sourced documentary that compiles footage submitted by fans across the world explaining what Springsteen means to them. I uploaded a video of my wife and I doing the first dance at our wedding to “Happy” but alas, I don’t think we made the cut. Regardless, I’m extremely excited to see the film.

MCN Fathom Events is bringing the film to a score of theaters across the country on July 22 and July 30. You can visit the official website to see which theater near you will be playing the film and buy your tickets in advance: http://www.springsteenandi.com/

I’ll be seeing the film on July 30 so stay tuned for a review. In the meantime, here’s the trailer…

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