Friday, August 2, 2013

Video Spotlight: "Save My Love" Recording Session, 1976

Three things to spotlight in this video:

1. I love seeing the process of creating a song.  On Legends Of Springsteen, we've often spotlighted early takes that eventually became Bruce classics.  Here, you can see that Bruce and his band have the beat and the general idea of how "Save My Love" will eventually sound, and Bruce is just trying to see how the vocals will fit in, finding the right words and syllables to emphasize.

2. As pointed out in the Youtube comments: yes, that is Steven Van Zandt.  And yes, he is hatless, repeat hatless.  It is a rare appearance of Little Steven's scalp, and with good cause.  It's amazing how one good bandanna can turn a man from Dungeons & Dragons aficionado to bad-ass (and somewhat creepy) pirate.

3. On the other end of the spectrum, how beautiful does Bruce look in this video?  As a straight man, I have no problem saying that this is easily the most strapping I've ever seen Bruce.  I'll call it like I see it: hands down, this is the sexiest the Boss has looked.  Can you find anything sexier?  If so, let me know in the comments.

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