Friday, September 13, 2013

John Legend - "Dancing In The Dark"

There was a time when I was a huge Howard Stern fan, but due to the fact that he rarely does live shows anymore, and he's nearly 60 years old (he's gone from being a cutting edge and controversial to just a dirty old man), I've kind of soured on him.  However there are times when I'm reminded of his brilliance in his interviews.  Stern was famous for being able to get his guests to drop their guard and be able to get them to be themselves, thus creating some great radio.  And a late night search of classic Stern clips on YouTube led me to this great cover.

This is an example of that.  I'm not really a big John Legend, which is to say I'm not at all.  Not that I don't think he's talented, he's a phenomenal singer and great musician.  Just not my cup of tea.  I'm not sure if "Dancing in the Dark" is a regular in his setlist, but going by the context of the Stern interview, it sounds like more of a rarity.  It's a great cover, that really concentrates on the lyrics.  When you take away the synthesizers and 80's sound of the Bruce original, you're left with just the lyrics that speak of a desperate man.  And Legend isn't alone in covering this song this interpretation.  A quick search on YouTube, shows a number of great artists doing stripped down covers of this song.

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