Monday, November 18, 2013

New Single Announced: High Hopes

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, we have a new Bruce single. Billboard (and various other outlets) reported today that Bruce's next single will release this Monday (11/25). The single is "High Hopes" and many are speculating that this gives truth to the rumors of an early 2014 album release. Nothing in today's announcement gives any indication of this track supporting a full album, so we advise against getting too excited about the prospect of an album. For now, just appreciate the new tune! Many have heard it before (I was nodding my head to it just this past weekend on E Street Radio) as it's been played live in concert and appeared in the documentary Blood Brothers. Interestingly, the track is a cover of a 1990 song by a band called The Havalinas. By my count, this makes it Bruce's third single that's a cover; following "War" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

Here's the original song, I imagine we'll see its views skyrocket over the next week.

Edit, 11/19: The track has already leaked.

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