Friday, November 15, 2013

Song Spotlight: "Miss You C" by Nils Lofgren

E Street Radio on Sirius XM is a bottomless treasure chest of Bruce Springsteen-related music. This past weekend, I heard “Miss You C” by Nils Lofgren for the first time. Nils is known primarily for his work on guitar in the E Street Band and even though he has released several solo albums, many Springsteen fans are not familiar with his vocal work.

As such, this soulful ditty is a great entry point and a quiet tribute to Clarence Clemons. “Miss You C” is a variation of a song called “Miss You Ray” that Nils released on his solo album Old School. It’s a fairly simply tune, but far be it from us to slight a heartfelt tribute to his fellow band member. Oh wait, we just did. Well, pretend we didn’t and give it a listen. Nils very courteously put it up for free download on his official website.

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