Friday, December 20, 2013

Johnny Cash's "Johnny 99" and "Highway Patrolman"

Last month, I spotlighted Johnny Cash's cover of "I'm On Fire", and emphasized how it encouraged me to check out more music from the Man In Black.  Little do I know that it was not Cash's first foray into Springsteen music.  In 1983, Cash released an album called Johnny 99, including covers of both the title track and "Highway Patrolman".  Johnny takes Bruce's stark, bleak tunes and gives them a country flair.

While the Nebraska album was divisive among Springsteen fans at the time, but its influence on other musicians is clear, as it has been cited as an influence for musicians ranging from Steve Earle to Kelly Clarkson.  There are various covers of nearly every song from Nebraska - too many to list in this post.  So, let us know in the comments: do you have a favorite Nebraska cover?

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