Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Song Spotlight - "The Last Words Of Copernicus"

It is weird to think of Bruce Springsteen incorporating samples into his music (a la 2 Live Crew).  However, in "Death To My Hometown", Bruce took the chanting from Alan Lomax's recording of "The Last Words of Copernicus" to enhance the riotous sound of the record.  In fact, in many songs featured on Wrecking Ball, snippets from other songs are parsed through tracks such as "Shackled and Drawn" (Lyn Collin's "Me And My Baby Got Our Own Thing Going") and "Rocky Ground" (Peerless Four's "A Soldier In The Army Of the Lord").  It is interesting to see the Boss still experimenting with different ways of creating music in the fifth decade of his career.

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