Saturday, January 25, 2014

Video Spotlight: Ain’t Good Enough for You (Live in Gijon – 6/26/13)

Well, it’s Annual “Ain’t Good Enough for You” Day over here at Legends of Springsteen (see 2012 and 2013). Diverting from the past two years, we’re highlighting a rare live performance today.

Ever since hearing it on The Promise, I’ve hoped for an opportunity to see "Ain't Good Enough for You" performed live. One time at the Izod Center, he started to play “So Young and in Love” and I momentarily thought it was the beginning of “Ain’t Good Enough for You.” Alas, I’m still holding out hope. But I am pleased that he’s played it in a few of his European shows and that video exists.

The opening of this video shot in Gijon, Spain conveys exactly what I imagined it would be like to see it live. The crowd cheering in unison, the hands flying, Bruce strutting around like a goofball. It’s all there.

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